Weather as usual: which kind of clothes to take with?

From spring to autumn Lake Constance is a very popular tourist attraction. Many people even compare it to the Italian Riviera, due to the similar climate. During winter the weather is cold, cloudy and foggy but in the summer time it`s really lovely. Of course, sometimes there are also still rainy days but the sun is definitely on the march!
For some more precise information about the weather at Lake Constance, please click here: Lake Constance`s weather conditions.

If you go there between June and September, you surely don`t need winter clothes. But don`t miss to take at least one pair of trousers and a pullover (or at any rate a cardigan) in addition to a coat with you. So you should be well equipped.

Furthermore: Lake Constance is no desert but quite densely populated. There you can find several malls and many shops where you also can buy some new clothes. So it should also be no problem if the weather is better or worse than you had expected.

Young girls and women love H&M (for example in Konstanz, Friedrichshafen or Singen). I prefer C&A (for example in Konstanz, Friedrichshafen, Radolfzell, Ravensburg) where clothes for the whole family, from baby (some very cute outfits!) to granny, are offered. The prices are quite similar to H&M. There is also a C&A webshop: just have a look at clothes and prices (therefor you don`t have to speak German). You don`t like anything? Doen`t matter: there are lots of smaller clothing stores around Lake Constance – and maybe the clothes in your luggage assort well with the climate so that you don`t have to need to buy new clothes.

Talking of the weather at Lake Constance: yes, sometimes there is a severe weather. But in all the years (over 20 by now!) I have been at Lake Constance I just experienced only one violent storm. It was quite exciting… and the next day the sun was shining and everything was fine again.  

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