Lake Constance Mansion

I have a dream!

Where the south-west of Germany meets the north-east of Switzerland and the north-west of Austria, there is the Lake Constance, belonging to all three of these countries. Lake Constance is the third-largest European freshwater lake (Number 1 is Lake Balaton in Hungary, Number 2 is Lake Geneva between Switzerland and France) and quite popular with tourists.

Actually, I`m living near Zurich but when I was young I have regularly been taken to Lake Constance by my parents. I loved it! So much that nowadays I still regularly go there on my own. This area is just too lovely! Luckily, it`s not too far away from Zurich.

My husband and me are also planning to move there after I have infected him with the “Lake Constance Fever” that just can`t be cured.

He is a cook and he would love to have an own restaurant at Lake Constance. I would love to open a very special “Bed & Breakfast”: I dream of buying a small hotel or a bigger house (like an impressing mansion) where I can offer only a few guest rooms to tourists. I wanna be a “Two-in-One”: on the one hand a Bed-and-Breakfast-Boss, on the other hand a personal tour guide.
At Lake Constance there are so many places that I could visit again and again and again…. and again… and still one`s more! You should also visit these places at least once; definitely!

I would love to see you here (nearly as much as I would love to be able to say “Welcome to MY bed&breakfast!”) so that I could answer when you ask yourself: “What should I do today or tomorrow? How shall I spend my holidays so that I will enjoy and never forget them?” Let me tell you and let me even guide you towards some of the most famous and impressing attractions around the lake!

And the best: my service won`t be too expensive, not at least due to the fact that I always enjoy the trips `round there so much myself. But, and that`s the bad news, houses and hotels next to Lake Constance are quite expensive if you want to buy them. All I can do at the moment is to dream of my private Bed & Breakfast including a personal tour guide service and of the moment when my husband and I can afford to make this dream come true.

Okay, stop! Additionally, I can blog about the beauty of Lake Constance and the area around it. All the money that is earned via this blog (through Google Adwords, Amazon Associates, Flattr, the Paypal Donate-Button…) will be saved so that it can be added to our “Bed&Breakfast Mansion at Lake Constance”-Investment. 

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