Reading at Lake Constance

Do you know public bookshelves? Around Lake Constance you can find some of them. Public bookshelves are like outdoor libraries without staff. Okay, that sounds strange. So how does it work?

There is a bookshelf full of books. You wanna read? Go there and take a book you want to read. After you have read it, please bring it back. (This isn`t neccessary but it would be nice.) You own some books you don`t want anymore? Put them into the bookshelf! (These bookshelves can also be used for bookcrossing!) So public bookshelves are a swap meet at first.

I like the idea of public bookshelves and around Lake Constance you are able to find several of them. They mainly contain books in German language but sometimes you are lucky enough to find literature in other languages, too.

In Überlingen there is a public bookshelf near the port, in Unteruhldingen there is one bookshelf placed at the lido.

Reading is one of my biggest hobbies and even on vacation I can not to do without some books. I own a Kindle and in the meantime also hundreds of ebooks. So no problem: I`m taking my Kindle (and many, many ebooks on it) with me so I can read everywhere and printed books don`t matter.
But if you have forgotten to take your own literature with you public bookshelves can deliver parts for replacements. Just have a look at them!

By the way: my Kindle convinced myself that everyone should own an ebook reader. They are so handy!

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