Reading about Lake Constance

Unfortunately, there are just a few tourist guides about Lake Constance that are written in English (like “Journey around Lake Constance”). Most of them are published in German only. (But just to say: often those German guide books aren`t that helpful, too.)
But there are several guides to Germany that introduce the whole country, including the Lake Constance area.

You speak German? Let me tell you that “DuMont`s Reiseführer Bodensee im Taschenbuch-Format” is one of the best and most informative guide books.
It doesn`t matter if you don`t live in Germany. All the books can be bought at bol.de where deliveries to some foreign countries (like Great Britain, the USA or Canada) are possible, too.

I would love to tell you that there are some great region guide books available for the Kindle (as I have already told: I`m absolutely in love with my Kindle) because ebooks are so practical… but sorry: there is definitely a lack of such books.

By the way: If you are at Lake Constance the tourist information offices offer diverse brochures about the region and its attractions for free. Furthermore, at most kiosks little guide books can easily be bought.

Fictional novels with action taking place at Lake Constance? Same problem: mainly just in German published… Nevertheless, some nice local coloured whodunits: the Lake Constance crime novels by Manfred Megerle or Jakob Maria Soedher.

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