Best places to go for families with (younger) children

You have decided to go to Lake Constance for family vacation? Great choice! Let me introduce you some nice places around there that are especially loved by children. You shouldn`t miss a trip to some of them!

One week = seven days = so here are seven tips where to go to with your family when you are staying at Lake Constance.

1. Ravensburger Spieleland

Ravensburger is known as a famous toymaker. Table games, party games, puzzles, toys for babies…: they are offering everything. Furthermore, Ravensburger is the German producer of the card game “Phase 10” that is known all over the world. The company`s name is based on the home of the company: the town called Ravensburg which is near Lake Constance.

In Ravensburg you can find the “Ravensburger Spieleland”, a little amusement park that is very popular by younger children ( ~ till the age of 10).
http://www.spieleland.de/  - here you can find an English version of their website as well.

On the area of Ravensburger Spieleland you will also find several factory outlets where you can buy Ravensburger products which are much cheaper here than in regular stores.

I told about it in another blog entry: the hill where you are able to feed monkeys. Age recommendation? From 0 to 99… It is a place for the whole family!
photo source: Sylvi / pixelio.de

3. Mainau, the Island of Flowers – and a great playground area

Mainau is known as the Flower Isle of Lake Constance but Mainau isn`t just interesting if you are a gardener or a florist. Mainau is a very family-friendly place: here you can even find a whole area that was just built for children`s fun. Several huge playgrounds (including a water playground), a barfoot path (“Barfusspfad”) , a small farm including a petting zoo full of goats and when the weather is fine children can also do a round of pony riding.

Your child fell into the water at the water playground? Doesn`t matter: there is one clothes drier next to the playground. But my advice: you shouldn`t miss to take some fresh clothes for your children with to Mainau, nevertheless. The children`s area at Mainau Island is mainly popular with preschool-aged children.

4. Wild- und Freizeitpark Allensbach – an idyllic deer park at Lake Constance

Here you can find, next to game enclosures, a falcony, a rose garden, a petting zoo, a barbecue area, playgrounds and even a cute railstation: you can cross parts of the zoo by narrow-gauge railway…
The day is just too hot? Perfect time for a trip to Wild- und Freizeitpark Allensbach because of its shady position. This is a place for the whole family from baby to granny… But well, younger children will possibly like it more than your teenage-aged children.

5. Seepark-Golf (in Pfullendorf)

That is definitely something that your teenage-aged children will love, too! Have you already heard of “adventure golf”? It is a little bit like minigolf, just in big. Forget all the boring green-grassed  golf courses!
It is called Germany`s craziest golf course and yes, that it is!

And soon it will be even crazier: as you maybe now the Germans like soccer. It is planned to open a separate golf course related to soccer there in July. And it is not only related to soccer: I was told you really have to play soccer instead of using golf clubs! So there you stand and have to use your feet to kick the ball towards the hole which is the goal you have to reach.  

You are looking for something that is still more adventurous? Visit one of the rope courses, either in Immenstaad (between Meersburg and Friedrichshafen) or Kressbronn (between Friedrichshafen and the German-Austrian border). The rope course in Immenstaad requires an age of at least 7 years while in Kressbronn children at the age of five are also allowed to climb there.

In Switzerland in Neuhausen near Schaffhausen (the Rhine Fall town) there is another bigger rope course called “Adventure Park Rheinfall”. In this area you can find several courses suitable for children (since the age of four!), beginners and advanced persons.  

7. If the weather is too bad: SeaLife Constance or indoor playgrounds  

We all hope that the weather will be fine when we are going on holiday. But what could you do if there is a rainy day? For example, you can visit the Constancer SeaLife point of presence. Next to the port of Constance there is a SeaLife. The SeaLife aquaria are worldwide known and the one in Constance is also quite popular. But just to say: if the weather isn`t that fine many people are going to visit SeaLife Constance so it might be a little stressful there then…

Instead of visiting SeaLife Constance you could also go to Rorschach where you can find the biggest indoor playground of Eastern Switzerland.

In Ravensburg you find “Gut Hügle”, a farm of experience. They are for example offering an indoor playground, too, and when the sun shines again you can have a walk through a maize maze or play a round of discgolf (frisbee golf). On youtube you can find some more Gut Hügle videoclips!


  1. Thank you for these family recommendations. On my blog I have a family guide to Lake Constance - I added a link to your page here and included your tip about Ravensburg Park - see http://bit.ly/GXDoct.

    If you add a link back from this page it will help us both reach people looking for family fun at Lake Constance.

  2. Hello! Thank you for your informative page. We are a family from Hong Kong that will holiday at Lake Constance this July. We are a family of 1 baby and two toddlers. Please can you recommend which AREA of The lake we should stay at? Lindau? Gaienhofen? Friedrichshafen? Ludwigshafen? We're trying to narrow down our search for a hotel. According to your recommendation we'd love to go to petting zoo and Ravensburger Spieleland. But the distances all look so far away from each other! Thank you so much.