Transnational flea market Konstanz/Kreuzlingen

Next weekend there is a transnational peddlers market in Konstanz and Kreuzlingen (Saturday evening till Sunday evening; 24 hours non-stop!). I have never been there before  although this peddlers market takes place annually since eight years. But guess who is going there this year; yes: it`s me and I am already quite excited!

Tomorrow we are going to Unteruhldingen where we gonna stay for one week. We plan to take a ship to Konstanz on Sunday morning where we want to visit the peddlers market. There is also a special flea market referring to my husband`s passion:  model railroads… I hope I don`t expect too much but some fragrant hand-made cosmetics and handcrafts would be great.

At any rate I`m looking forward to having a great trip, watching interesting things and great offers, shopping around, meeting many nice people… Hoping the weather will be fine. If not: hoping someone offers some nice raincoats

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