What will the weather be like in June?

During the last few days quite a lot of people entered this blog because they wanted to know what the weather at Lake Constance will be like in June. Well…. So you have decided to go on a Lake Constance vacation in June? Good choice! (Me and my husband will spend one week of June there, too.)

Lake Constance: June`s weather? 


Lake Constance: Is there a train or a bus or a ferry between here and there?

You wanna know if there is a bus, train, ferry… between two cities at Lake Constance? In this case please have a look at bahn.de, the website of German Railways. In the upper right corner you are able to change the website`s language: just change it from “Deutschland” to “Germany”.

Although the company (and also its website, of course) is from Germany, you can also ask for information about connections in other countries. What you can`t do is pre-booking tickets for rail tours in foreign countries. It also isn`t just about trains: busses and ferries are also shown. 

I live in Switzerland but when I`m travelling around Lake Constance I also use this information offered by bahn.de because in my opinion it`s much clearer than the website of SBB (Swiss railways).


Lake Constance "Flottensternfahrt" 2012

On Saturday (April, 28th) the famous “Flottensternfahrt” of Lake Constance`s shipping companies takes place. “Flottensternfahrt” means that several ships will come out of all directions and meet at one place so it looks as if the ships were building a star.


Best places to go for families with (younger) children

You have decided to go to Lake Constance for family vacation? Great choice! Let me introduce you some nice places around there that are especially loved by children. You shouldn`t miss a trip to some of them!

One week = seven days = so here are seven tips where to go to with your family when you are staying at Lake Constance.


Lake Constance picnic

photo source: löwenzahn / pixelio.de

A few days ago I was asked: „Hey, what about having picnic at Lake Constance?“ Well, that`s absolutely no problem!

How to have a Lake Constance picnic


Where to stay?

You are from far, far away? Nevertheless, you should have a look at pure flight prices: sometimes it`s cheaper to book just a flight and then to book a hotel, bed & breakfast inn… on your own, too. Compare the prices!

There are several hotels around Lake Constance but there are also many, many, many… bed & breakfasts. In German “bed & breakfast” is often called Gästehaus or Frühstückspension. The difference betweem them? Usually, a “Gästehaus” is a bigger bed & breakfast while a “Frühstückspension” is a little smaller and more private: in many houses owned by a family there is a special floor or a separated section that is used for some guestrooms. So these families are managing their own bed & breakfast.

You can also find many holiday apartments (“Ferienwohnungen”) around the lake.

But, with only little exceptions, only the hotels appear in the programs of the tourist agencies. If you prefer to stay at a holiday flat or a bed and breakfast: book it yourself!


Lake Constance: Season 2012 out now!

In many parts of Germany, Switzerland and Austria the two weeks around Easter (the week before, the week after) mean mainly one thing: Easter vacation! Many people don`t want to spend the Easter holidays at home so they travel around and in spring some people like to spend a short holiday at Lake Constance.

So let the season begin!

The season is young: yesterday Lake Constance`s season 2012 was opened and some passenger ships did their first trips...  

What`s up at Lake Constance just now? Feel free to have a look at the diverse Lake Constance webcams!