Bad-Weather-Days at Lake Constance: what to do?

There are many museums and also thermal baths at Lake Constance. You got a Bodensee Erlebniskarte (Lake Constance Experience Card)? Even better!

But be aware: if the weather isn`t fine, many people long to do indoor activities. Last year I went to some museums when it was really hot and sunny. In the museums were nearly no visitors so I was able to enjoy all expositions (and the air conditions while most of the other people were sweating outside). So if you are really interested in a museum: don`t go there on cloudy days!

photo source: Netti69 / pixelio.de
Additionally, the Mainau is a popular good-weather-attraction. Full of people when the weather is fine… Thousands of visitors, pushing and shoving! That`s just too much to enjoy the beauty of the “Isle of Flowers” as Mainau is called. Okay, I also wouldn`t go there when it`s raining. But when it is just a bit cooler and cloudy: perfect time for a trip to Mainau. Believe me!

What do I do when the weather is cloudy and rainy? I love round trips by ship. The sun doesn`t shine, it`s raining but it isn`t foogy? I am going on a round trip by ship, drinking coffee, enjoying the view. Maybe playing games (like “Phase 10” or “Kniffel” – you may know it as “Yahtzee” - which are known to many people) with other passengers. I could spend whole days on a Lake Constance ship!

And as I am often telling: there is no bad weather, there is just bad clothing. There is a reason why raincoats and rainboots have been invented, not to forget umbrellas! 

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