Swimming at Lake Constance: simple thing

You want to know if you can swim in the lake? Of course you can! Lake Constance is just a lake, this isn`t a dangerous sea full of sharks. In contrary: there is not one shark! The only place at Lake Constance where you are able to face sharks is Sea Life Konstanz.

Around Lake Constance there are many bigger lidos where you have to pay an entrance fee. (If you are the proud owner of a “Bodensee Erlebniskarte” [Lake Constance Experience Card] you can visit some of them for free.]

But especially in the smaller villages there are also little lidos (German expression: “Strandbad” [sing.], “Strandbäder” [pl.]) which can be visited absolutely for free. Okay, sometimes you have to pay a fee (of about 1€) if you have to go to the toilet but all the rest is gratis. Often this lidos aren`t under care of lifeguards so be a little bit more careful.

At some lidos there are charged lockers but at many lidos there is just no possibility to lock your clothes away. So don`t take all your valuables with you. Lake Constance isn`t a markedly dangerous area but nevertheless I wouldn`t leave all my things alone.
The best is to go there in small groups so that some people can watch all of their belongings while the rest of them are swimming. Furthermore are waterproof wallets a quite good invention. If you don`t dare anybody put all your money and credit cards in such a wallet and jump into the water while carrying this wallet with you…

Swimming is your passion? You should always take your bathing duds and a towel with you if you are going around the lake!

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