What will the weather be like in June?

During the last few days quite a lot of people entered this blog because they wanted to know what the weather at Lake Constance will be like in June. Well…. So you have decided to go on a Lake Constance vacation in June? Good choice! (Me and my husband will spend one week of June there, too.)

Lake Constance: June`s weather? 

I hope it will be fine; I believe in the sun! A few years ago July and August mostly have been the hottest day of the year but this has changed during the years. In the last two years from the middle of July to the middle of August it has been a little bit cooler and rainier at Lake Constance; not the best weather for a jump into the water! On the other side, the weather between May and June has been really fine (as well as the weather between September and October): real summer!

So I don`t think that the temperatures will fell under 20°C in the daytime although I wouldn`t swear about it.

Trip to Lake Constance in June: what will be in my suitcase? 

Additional to underwear and stockings these clothes will probably find their way into my luggage
2 pairs of trousers
1 Bermuda shorts
1 knee-length skirt
1 long-sleeved shirt (resp. one cardigan)
2 sleeveless tops
3 T-Shirts
1 pair of sandals
1 pair of closed shoes
1 parka
some swimwear

I`m reckoning on temperatures between 23°-30°C and hoping that I won`t become disappointed. But as a precaution I will also take a small umbrella with me as the saying is “It never rains when you are having an umbrella with you!” I think with the clothes I listed above a woman is well-equipped for a Lake Constance holiday in June. If not. Time for a little shopping tour – yeah!

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