Lake Constance: Is there a train or a bus or a ferry between here and there?

You wanna know if there is a bus, train, ferry… between two cities at Lake Constance? In this case please have a look at bahn.de, the website of German Railways. In the upper right corner you are able to change the website`s language: just change it from “Deutschland” to “Germany”.

Although the company (and also its website, of course) is from Germany, you can also ask for information about connections in other countries. What you can`t do is pre-booking tickets for rail tours in foreign countries. It also isn`t just about trains: busses and ferries are also shown. 

I live in Switzerland but when I`m travelling around Lake Constance I also use this information offered by bahn.de because in my opinion it`s much clearer than the website of SBB (Swiss railways).

Additional advice: Constance and Kreuzlingen are neighbor cities; these two towns are adjacent to one another. It is just a short distance between Konstanz Main Station and Kreuzlingen Main Station (ca. 1,5 kilometres; only three minutes by train or ca. 20 minutes by feet). So if there isn`t a train (bus, ship…) from Constance, just have a look if there is one from Kreuzlingen. And if there isn`t a train from Kreuzlingen, just have a look if there is one from Konstanz. 

Back to the bahn.de-formula: in German “Main Station” is “Hauptbahnhof” (shortened “Hbf”). But often you won`t find rail stops like “Kreuzlingen Hauptbahnhof” but “Kreuzlingen”. If there is just the name of the town mentioned, the town`s name normally means “Hauptbahnhof” so don`t worry if you aren`t able to find a special “Hauptbahnhof” in the formular`s list. Hafen” means port/marina. 

Main (car) ferries on Lake Constance:
1. Meersburg <-> Konstanz
2. Friedrichshafen  <-> Romanshorn

Swiss passenger ship "St. Gallen" at the port of Unteruhldingen (Germany), photographed by MrMansion ;)

The time tables of the regularly passenger navigation you find here: shipping timetables. Unfortunately, they are just in German but I think that isn`t a too big problem in this case.

By the way, my favorite bus route at Lake Constance`s German side: between Friedrichshafen and Überlingen. Here the bus drives most of the time just along the lakeshore of Lake Constance (there is also a train between Überlingen and Friedrichshafen but the train`s way passes the hinterland: go by bus because the beautiful view!).

You don`t get along with all this timetables and strange formulars? Just write an email, tell me from where to where you when want to go. I will try to detect your most practicable way to travel around Lake Constance and answer to you as soon as possible. My email address is lakeconstancemansion @ gmx.ch (and my real name is Tanja). I am looking forward to helping you; you just have to ask! ;) 

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