Feeding German monkeys

Have you already heard of Affenberg, the “mountain of monkeys”? You can find it in Salem, a few kilometers away from Lake Constance. Affenberg: that is an open-air enclosure where Barbary apes are living. At the entrance visitors can get special popcorn to feed the apes with!

Next to the outdoor enclosure there are some barns where you can buy souvenirs and drinks and snacks are also offered. Additionally, there is a bigger playground.

Most children love it to go there…

At Affenberg you can also watch some stork`s nests. Storks and apes: great place!

If you are a Lake Constance tourist attended by children you shouldn`t miss to go there with your children!

A nice hiking tour: from Unteruhldingen to the church of Birnau. Here: enjoying the impressive panorama and looking around the the basilica. Afterwards: hiking from Birnau to Affenberg. The most part of the way is surrounded by forest but at the last few meters there is no sign of shadow. So don`t forget to take sun screen and something to drink with you on a sunny day! You can go there by bike as well but the forest path is just a gravel path. Because it isn`t asphalted it could be a little bit more difficult to go there by wheel-chair. But in my opinion the path is okay if you are taking a buggy with you.
On your way back, hike from Affenberg to Oberuhldingen. There you should have “Kaffee und Kuchen” (coffee & cake) or dinner, I recommend the hotel-restaurant of “Storchen” which you can find in the village`s centre. From Oberuhldingen it is just a short walk to Unteruhldingen.

It is quite a long walk from Unteruhldingen to Affenberg: when my family went there for the first time, I have been 10 years old and my little brother has been seven. We hiked there and back. Afterwards, my brother and I have been deadbeat, the way back had been totally exhausting for us. Nowadays I`m grown and trained whereby hiking there and back means absolutely no problem to me.

If you aren`t a trained hiker you should hike to Affenberg. From there: go back by bus! ;)

You don`t like hiking? Just go there by bus. There is the “Erlebnisbus” (Experiencing Bus) interconnecting Unteruhldingen-Oberuhldingen-Affenberg-Schloss Salem. If you own a Lake Constance Experience Card the bus ride is for free (by the way: the Experience Card is including the Affenberg entrance fee as well)!
In Unteruhldingen the “Erlebnisbus” has got its own bus stop near the marina which is next to the “normal” port.
Of course, you can also go to Affenberg by car but I prefer to hike there and to go back by “Erlebnisbus”. 

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