Lake Constance picnic

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A few days ago I was asked: „Hey, what about having picnic at Lake Constance?“ Well, that`s absolutely no problem!

How to have a Lake Constance picnic

1. Packing your own small picnic basket

The Lake Constance is surrounded by vineyards and it`s full of fish. So around Lake Constance you can find many wine-growing estates and many fisheries, too. The viniculturalists are often selling their wines themselves (and often managing wine tasting sessions *yummy*) and the fishermen are often running a snack bar where you can buy fish sandwiches etc. Furthermore, next to the lake there are some farmers growing fruits and vegetables (*yummy yummy*) and selling them also in their own farm shops: pure or manufactured into dainties like juice or jam (*still more yummy*).
In these farm shops often products of their neighboring fisheries and wineries are sold, too.

So you have just to go to one of these shops: buy a bottle of Lake Constance wine, a bottle of apple juice, some fish sandwiches and some fine Lake Constance fruits (I like the apples and pears from there most) … Put them into your bag, steal some glasses from your hotel room (bring them back later!) and then go to any place where you would like to have a picnic.
As I already mentioned in another entry: I recommend the wineyards beneath Birnau church where you can enjoy a fantastic view while having picnic.

2. Barbecue is what you want?

Or you can also buy some Lake Constance fish (like the famous common whitefish of Lake Constance, “Felchen” in German) you want to grill. There are some public barbecue areas ("Grillplätze" [plural], "Grillplatz" [singular]) at Lake Constance which can be used by everyone who is passing by… Okay, some of them must be booked but most of them are like “come and cook”. (Additionally, you can get to know some other nice people you maybe meet at the barbecue area.)
But you usually have to take your own charcoal (the German word for it is “Holzkohle” and you can find it in most shops and also at most petrol station shops) with.

A map of barbecue areas near Constance, for example (all of them are completely free and don`t have to be booked): Lake Constance barbecue areas

Grillen verboten“ means „grilling forbidden“!

Attention: In many petrol station shops there are also small barbecue grills offered which are for disposable use only. But at most places at Lake Constance it is forbidden to use them! You are definitely on the safe side if you go to one of the public barbecue areas!

photo source: Joujou / pixelio.de

3. A very simple way of having picnic…

although I think this can`t be called a real picnic: For example, near the marina of Unteruhldingen, next to the lido, there is a really good pizza parlor (that is an ice cream parlor as well) where you can also have “pizza to go”. Instead of having dinner in a restaurant: go there, buy a pizza (before buy a bottle of Lake Constance wine), go over to the lido and have a seat at a blanket or your normal beach towel that you are also taking with you. Eating pizza, drinking wine, enjoying a gorgeous sunset: perfect daily closing!

In my opinion in every city around the lake there are snack bars and restaurants that are offering takeaway food so you don`t have to go to Unteruhldingen if you want to eat at the lakeshore… ;)

In all cases:
Afterwards, don`t forget to tidy up. Don`t leave your garbage behind, take it with you and put it into the next waste bin, please! 

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