Birnau - what a wonderful church!

When I was just a little girl I told my mother: "Mom, when I`m adult and want to marry: I will do it here in this church!" Fortunately, I really found someone who wanted to marry me when I was grown up. Unfortunately, for different reasons it was another church where our wedding took place... 

But I`m still of the opinion that the Birnau (that`s the name of this wonderful church) is one of the most beautiful places in the whole world where you can marry. 
Additionally: When you stand in front of the church and look towards the lake the view is absolutely amazing!

The Birnau sometimes is called the "Queen of the lake" because on the one hand it`s such a majestic building and on the other hand the church is located above the lake, surrounded by wineyards: The people (Lake Constance) is waving to the Queen (Birnau). 
You should take a picnic basket with you and have a yummy picnic in the wineyards below the Birnau where you can watch the lake or look up at this impressing church - romantic moments guaranteed! You want to ask your girlfriend if she is willing to marry you? If I were you, I would do it here, right in the front of Birnau.

You want to know how to go there? 

Just behind the Birnau, there is the Bundesstrasse 31 (federal highway 31) so you can simply drive there by car. There is also a bus stop at Birnau, for example the busses between Überlingen and Friedrichshafen can easily be brought to a stop... 

photo source: Siegbert Pinger / pixelio.de

My special tipp: Going to Unteruhdingen (where you can also visit the famous Pfahlbauten [stilt houses]) by ship. From there: walking! Bearing left, walking just along the lake (through an idyllic nature reserve) and reaching Birnau... okay, you will have to climb up the hill of Birnau but it is a really nice hiking tour! (Of course you can go there by bike, too!)
The way from Unteruhldingen to Birnau is about 4km and the only heavy thing on it is climbing up the hill if you are used to flat country. I went there regularly when I was just about six years old so I suppose that you can take your children there without problems.... Maybe your offspring isn`t that much interested in Birnau and all these cultural things but the impressive panorama has been fascinating me since I was such a young girl.  I just couldn`t stop watching...

You shouldn`t miss neither this imposing church at Lake Constance nor the awesome view! 

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