Not to forget: sun protection!

I am loving the products of “SunDance”. That is one of the home brands of the German retail chain “dm”. dm - that is a chemist resp. a drugstore. (Attention: regular pharmaceuticals can only be bought in pharmacies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland although in Switzerland there you can find some drugstore-pharmacy-combinations, too!)

“Rossmann” (at Lake Constance only in Radolfszell in Germany) and “dm” (there is no “dm”-market in Switzerland and the Austrian “dm”-markets are a little bit in the hinterland so that there are “dm”s only at the German side of Lake Constance, too: for example in Konstanz, Überlingen, Friedrichshafen, Radolfzell) are the most popular chemists. Well, so “Sundance” is an own brand of “dm”. “Sundance” contains just products (~ 2-5€) referring to solar protection.

The products are very low in price but the quality is outstanding! I often buy products from “Sundance” when I`m in Germany and as a said: I love them. Last year I tried some sun blocker from “Aldi”, the discount store: the products from there were also cheap and good.

But SunDance offers a lot of different products: lower sun protection factor, higher sun protection factor, special products for children, products you also can use if you are suffering from neurodermatitis or sun allergy (called “Med”), products (called “Kids Dermo”) for children with neurodermatitis…

The “sunny” home brand of Rossmann is called “Sunozon” and anyway: you should go to the next chemist or discounter if you want to buy sunscreen agents. Sun protection products of the “big brands” are also offered at the kiosks next to Lake Constance`s lidos but there these products are much more expensive.

In any case: you don`t have to take sun protection products with you (because you are afraid that these products will just be too expensive at the lake). These can easily being bought at Lake Constance, too.

photo source: William Veder / pixelio.de
You can`t renounce sun protection at Lake Constance! The sun is very aggressive, even when it`s cloudy. Last year in August my hubby and me went by ship: it wasn`t too cold but the sun was hidden behind clouds and it was a little bit windy. My husband didn`t use a sun blocker and at the end of our trip he had a clearly visible sunburn.

So when you are at Lake Constance: just don`t forget the sun screen and it is also better to wear a sunhat!

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