I need which currency at Lake Constance?

photo source: Dieter Schütz / pixelio.de
The currency of Germany and Austria is €uro, the currency of Switzerland is Swiss franc. Lake Constance is surrounded by Switzerland, Germany and Austria: do you need two different currencies when you go there? No… of course it`s easier to pay in €uro when you are in Germany or Austria and to pay with Swiss francs when you are in Switzerland. But most attractions around there accept both so you only need some peanuts for such things like snacks and drinks because at smaller kiosks and stores only the currency of their respective countries is being accepted. But you don`t need two big wallets!

I`m living in Switzerland so €uro means a foreign currency to me. But I am often at the German part of the lake and I have to admit: I have got a German bank account, too. Sometimes I remit some money from my Swiss bank account to my German bank account. So I can easily withdraw €-money at German (and Austrian) cashpoints and often bills can also be paid by ATM card or credit card.

(By the way: If you are a foreigner living abroad it`s no problem to open an account at a German bank: at least the DKB bank makes such an offer. Plus, you get a bank card… A DKB bank account can be opened for free, there are no hidden charges and in my opinion it is really practical. I like it!)

Plus, there are exchange offices nearly everywhere at Lake Constance so you really don`t have to worry about right or wrong money! 

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