Festival season: James Morrison in concert at Lake Constance! (Dick Brave, too!)

During the last weeks many British people visited this blog: most of them wanted to know what the weather at Lake Constance will be like in June. As we all know, Lake Constance is surrounded by Germany, Switzerland and Austria. I`m living in Switzerland but in the middle of June my husband and I are going to spend one week at Lake Constance`s German side. I wouldn`t be surprised if we would be the only German-speaking people at the lake and be surrounded just by British people. ;)

A quite famous British man who is at Lake Constance in June (at least for one day) is James Morrison. At the beginning of June, right at the 3rd, there is a James Morrison concert (supported as a special guest: Marit Larsen) in Salem.

Salem is just a few kilometers in the Lake Constance hinterland situated: it is especially known for its castle. James Morrison will perform at the castle`s area, by the way! The castle of Salem also residents a (quite expensive) residential school that was occasionally founded by the Margrave of Baden (this aristocratic family has been the owner of the castle but the biggest part of the area was sold in 2009 to the federal state of Baden-Württemberg). Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, has visited this school for some time: his family even didn`t have to pay the school fees because of familiar relationships. Prince Philip`s brother-in-law belonged to the owner`s family.

By the way, Queen Sophia of Spain has also been one of the Salem students: after four years of learning she even graduated here. (And I think that her family had to pay the school fees.)

If you won`t go to school there, if you won`t visit the concert of James Morrison and if you won`t visit the castle at all: Salem is also the place at Lake Constance where you are able to feed apes.

Furthermore, at June 6th, 2012 you can go to a concert of Dick Brave & the backbeats at the area of Schloss Salem. You don`t know Dick Brave? Doesn’t matter because Dick Brave actually isn`t for real: it is the alter ego of the German singer Sasha who became quite famous in the late 1990s. A few years ago he invented Dick Brave, a Canadian singer and he`s strictly claiming that Dick Brave and Sasha are two different people (although everyone knows that Sasha is the person behind Dick Brave). Dick Brave can speak German but his accent is quite strange. At least if German is your native language it is real funny to listen to him (additionally, he is always telling quite odd stories in interviews). But sometimes when he is in full flow he is forgetting his (non)Canadian accent… Shit happens!

While Sasha is doing pop music, Dick Brave is a Rockabilly musician and Dick Brave even performed at the wedding of Pink and Carey Hart! If this couples wanted to listen to him at their wedding party he can`t be too bad, or what do you think?
Yes, I like the music of Dick Brave & the backbeats, too, so my recommendation: listen to him and if you are able to do so don`t miss the concert at Schloss (Castle) Salem! 

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