Weekend trip tip: Count`s Island Festival / Mainau

Ascension Day is a legal holiday in Germany (and in Austria and Switzerland as well); Germans and Austrians call it “Christi Himmelfahrt”, Swiss people name it “Auffahrt”. This week`s Thursday (17th May, 2012): that`s this year`s Ascension Day.  

Around this long weekend around Ascension Day the annual Count`s Island Festival takes place at Mainau Island: this is quite nice event. When I visited this festival for the last time it was quite familiar there and yes, if you are spending this weekend at Lake Constance you shouldn`t miss to visit the Count`s Island Festival (“Gräfliches Inselfest” in German)!

Maybe you will even meet the Count`s family of the Bernadottes, the owners of the isle of Mainau. If you are now thinking: “Bernadotte? Isn`t that the name of the Swedish royal family?” Yes, it is! The “Mainau Count`s family” is related to the Swedish royal family…

You will just have to pay the normal entrance fees. The Count`s Island Festival by itself can be visited for free by all normal Mainau visitors. So the Count`s Island Festival (that takes place the whole weekend  from Thursday to Sunday) is just a little “Plus”.

The Isle of Mainau is often called the “Flower Island of Lake Constance” and it is really beautiful! As I already mentioned in a former blog entry in my opinion the Mainau belongs to the best places at Lake Constances where to go with your family.  

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