Packing the bags

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The big bag was broken: after often being used for international business travels our suitcase didn`t work anymore. The wheels wouldn`t roll anymore (stumbling thing!), the grasp went off… Definitely time to replace!

With the new case I feel like I was in heaven: no problems with rolling and additionally the small wheels are really silent. Why didn`t we actually buy a new suitcase before the old one was finally broken?

You want to go on vacation? You are needing a good case in all case.

I like carpetbags less (unless they are able to roll); I prefer the “real” cases (at least when they have wheels).

In refer to my luggage, I am a tidy person. I don`t like loose laundry or a mess of clothes: packing cubes are so great! One cube for underwear and stockings, one for T-Shirts, one for trousers… and some cubes for our shoes… Furthermore, when I was still a child my mother told me to put the dirty laundry into an old pillow case. So today the content of my cases always looks very tidy.

Do you also have a special system of packing bags? Special tricks? Tell me!

By the way, our luggage for a trip to Lake Constance depends on:
a) one big case for all our clothes
b) one notebook bag (my husband does hardly travel without his notebook)
c) one smaller belt bag for our compact digital camera (a Canon PowerShot SX 130IS)
d) one backpack (for trips so that we can easily carry things like beverage bottles and sun protection products with us)
e) one small handbag – because I am a woman and I just cannot go to dinner without a handbag! Impossible…

That sounds quite a lot but we always go there by train (and ship) and on our way the notebook bag, the handbag and the belt bag probably will be embedded in the case. We won`t look like drudges.

Two great luggage stores: Luggage Pros (even personalized bags!) & LuggageGuy

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