Monopoly Lake Constance: best souvenir ever?!

Monopoly – Is there anyone who doesn`t know it? It`s one of the most popular table games and, especially in Germany, a very special edition is being offered: “Monopoly Lake Constance” and I hardly can imagine a better souvenir.

“Monopoly Lake Constance” is still like the “Monopoly” we all are used to but the design has changed a bit: instead of streets or avenues you buy and sell some much-loved cities and villages that are located at the lake. There are no railway stations but ports and, of course, the Bodensee Airport. You aren`t Sandra Bullock so you don`t talk German? Doesnt`t matter because as I said the game is still the same and it contains a German and an English introduction. So you really don`t have to worry! 

It`s just magnificent – and a souvenir that is both: useful and fun!

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