Lake Constance "Flottensternfahrt" 2012

On Saturday (April, 28th) the famous “Flottensternfahrt” of Lake Constance`s shipping companies takes place. “Flottensternfahrt” means that several ships will come out of all directions and meet at one place so it looks as if the ships were building a star.

The “Flottensternfahrt” is a popular long custom to show that the shipping business season on Lake Constance is officially opened. Tickets for the “Flottensternfahrt” can be pre-booked which I consider advisable because the “Flottensternfahrt” always enjoys a large clientele as you can see in the photos added to this entry. (These are official pictures by BSB [Lake Constance shipping companies] that were taken at the last “Flottensternfahrt”)

“Flottensternfahrt”: from Germany & Austria / from Switzerland

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