Where to stay?

You are from far, far away? Nevertheless, you should have a look at pure flight prices: sometimes it`s cheaper to book just a flight and then to book a hotel, bed & breakfast inn… on your own, too. Compare the prices!

There are several hotels around Lake Constance but there are also many, many, many… bed & breakfasts. In German “bed & breakfast” is often called Gästehaus or Frühstückspension. The difference betweem them? Usually, a “Gästehaus” is a bigger bed & breakfast while a “Frühstückspension” is a little smaller and more private: in many houses owned by a family there is a special floor or a separated section that is used for some guestrooms. So these families are managing their own bed & breakfast.

You can also find many holiday apartments (“Ferienwohnungen”) around the lake.

But, with only little exceptions, only the hotels appear in the programs of the tourist agencies. If you prefer to stay at a holiday flat or a bed and breakfast: book it yourself!

Most of the bed and breakfast inns at Lake Constance have an own homepage, too, and you can easily contact the managers by email. (Don`t panic: most of them also speak English!)

I love to stay at bed & breakfasts; by now I have never staid at a Lake Constance hotel. After having breakfast there I spend nearly all the day by going on trips. In the evening, I am having dinner at different restaurants so a comfortable bed & breakfast is just enough for me.

Family vacation - Request per email / english version:


me and my family would love to spend our next holidays at Lake Constance. We plan to go there from [insert date of arrival here] till [insert date of departure here]; we are [here insert number of] adults, [here insert number of] children at the ages of [insert their ages here] years.
Could you please tell us if there would be free rooms in your bed and breakfast at that time which we could book?

And would you also be able to pick us at the rail station or even at the airport?

It would great if you could answer in English because we don`t speak German; writing this email was done with help.

With kind regards,
[insert your name here]

German translation
Guten Tag,

ich und meine Familie würden unseren nächsten Urlaub gerne am Bodensee verbringen. Wir planen, während der Zeit vom [insert date of arrival here: day.month.year] bis zum [insert date of departure here: day.month.year] dort zu sein.
Wir sind  [here insert number of adults] Erwachsene und [here insert number of children] Kinder im Alter von [here insert their years of age, separated by commas] Jahren. Könnten Sie uns bitte mitteilen, ob Sie für den entsprechenden Zeitraum noch Zimmer in Ihrem Hause frei hätten, welche wir buchen könnten?

Und könnten Sie uns ebenso sagen, ob Sie uns auch vom Bahnhof oder sogar vom Flughafen abholen könnten?

Es wäre grossartig, wenn Sie uns auf Englisch antworten könnten, da wir kein Deutsch sprechen; diese email haben wir mit Hilfe geschrieben.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen,
[insert your name here]

Additionally, most tourist offices (like the tourist office of Unteruhldingen) at Lake Constances are also willing to help you finding a nice bed and breakfast, holiday apartment… Just dare it and contact them! And if you need a more specific request translation you can also contact me; my emailadress: lakeconstancemansion @ gmx.ch Of course, I`m also willing to help you with finding a nice bed and breakfast or a comfortable holiday flat!

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