Wants to swim through the whole Lake Constance: Bruno Dobelmann

Today`s weather is fine? You are at Lake Constance? Well, don`t be confused if you see a huge man swimming in the middle of the lake. Swimmer Bruno Dobelmann (who is also called “orca” and if you see him you immediately know why he is called this!) is going to swim the whole length of Lake Constance: he wants to swim from Bodman (located at the “Überlinger See”) to Bregenz what are about 64 kilometres and he will start at 7 o`clock (in the morning, of course).

He tried to do this (without wearing a wetsuit, by the way) six weeks ago but this experiment had to be stopped due to healthy reasons. By now the water has become warmer, so: next try! Good luck, Bruno!

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